HTML5 and CSS3

I took the HTML and CSS class last semaster.

The text book is HTML and CSS, 6th Edition, Comprehensive. The author is Patric Carey. This is one of the New Perspective Series book offered by Course Technology Cengage Learning©.

The method of the book is hands-on. Each chapter (Tutorial) starts with a visual overview on what the student is going to achieve. Then there are step-by-step instructions to follow. When the student finishes the chapter. He/She should have built a really nice looking web page. Then there is the review problem, which is just the extension of the tutorial.

At end of each chapter, there are four case problems. I'll post the tutorial, review and case problems below.

— Grace

Tutorial 1

★★★★ Getting Started with HTML5 ★★★★

Tutorial 2

★★★★ Developing a Web Site ★★★★

Tutorial 3

★★★★ Designing a Web Page with CSS ★★★★

Tutorial 4

★★★★ Creating Page Layouts with CSS ★★★★

Tutorial 5

★★★★ Working with Tables and Columns ★★★★

Tutorial 6

★★★★ Creating a Web Form ★★★★

Tutorial 7

★★★★ Designing a Multimedia Web Site ★★★★

Tutorial 8

★★★★ Enhancing a Web Site with Advanced CSS ★★★★

Tutorial 9

★★★★ Working with XHTML ★★★★

Tutorial 10

★★★★ Programming with JavaScript ★★★★